Phototherapy can treat many diseases in the fields of dermatology, orthopedics and psychiatry. For each type of application, specific frequencies of the spectrum are provided, in order to produce the desired photobiological results.

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ederma® produces professional phototherapy equipment for professional and home use, following the best customized treatment protocol validated by a dermatologist.

You can easily undergo safe phototherapy and benefit from it without taking unnecessary risks, by following a few simple rules of conduct and of use of equipment.

Alberto Garro

I have been suffering from psoriasis and vitiligo since I was 16. After having tried any and all kinds of treatments that have been proposed to me, I solved my problems with phototherapy. I decided to deal with phototherapy professionally, to be able to offer care systems that are efficient, safe and economical, enabling a better quality of life to those who, like me, have been living with psoriasis and vitiligo for a long time.

Alberto Garroederma

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All our equipment is Made in Italy.

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Alberto Garro

I chose not to entrust our machines to retailers because I insist on having a direct relationship with those who will be using them, without intermediaries that increase costs, and to make available to the end user the whole experience that ederma® has accumulated during more than a decade of professional phototherapy done in our centers.

Alberto Garroederma

Some Testimonials

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I am 53 years old. In mid-March this year (2015), I was diagnosed with psoriasis guttate. The most affected area was from the waist down, but some lesions appeared also on the hands, arms, face and trunk. The first few weeks were the hardest, when I was looking for information and support…

V.P.53 years old, psoriasis guttate

I have been using phototherapy for 5-6 years. I have also been suffering from psoriatic arthritis since I was a young girl.
To combat the spreading of psoriasis I find it very effective; with a constant use of the lamp I get better results than those obtained with methotrexate.

O.E.40 years old, psoriatic for over 20 years

The areas affected by the disease are mainly the face and a thigh. The first therapies that I have been prescribed were based on supplements, photosensitive topical and oral drugs as well as both topical and oral corticosteroids…

A.G. 28 years old, suffering from vitiligo since the age of 6

This disease, although not absolutely important and debilitating as other treated in your centers, has always prevented or made it much more problematic for me to do nice things like walking in the mountains without having to take many precautions or, even more often, spending days at the beach with friends…

A.P. 28 years old, suffering from solar erythema ever since

I started to notice the appearance of vitiligo in May 2007. Initially the spots were located behind the right ear and were not particularly visible…

M.M. 39 years old, suffering from vitiligo for 6 years

Hello everyone! I’m Sofia, 24, I have vitiligo and psoriasis !!! With phototherapy, I found the solution to both things: psoriasis is gone, and vitiligo has made great strides – when I started I had it on the whole body, it’s healing and now I have some completely repigmentated areas  !!!!

S.R.24 years old, vitiligo and psoriasis